Saleability factor - Agent Controlled

Out of nine total saleability factors, Promotion/Marketing is the only factor that is actually controlled by your Agent

Promotion/Marketing is the presentation of the property by various means to attract attention to and nurture interest in the property. This is done with the intention of exposing the property to the greatest number of potential buyers who may be ready, willing and able to purchase the property, including:

  1. Local move-up buyers through local advertising, yard signs, directional signs, mailouts, flyers and phone calls
  2. Out-of-town buyers through national advertising, the internet, company relocation and referral programs
  3. Buyers working with other agents can also be fully accessed by having your property listing exposed on the Multiple Listing Service(s) for the area. The greatest majority of buyers today work with their own Buyer's Agents and those agents use the MLS heavily in their search to find homes for their clients

The agent's promotion/marketing efforts along with effective effort on seller controlled factors will help produce the highest net to seller in the shortest time.

If after personal inspection by a significant number of potential buyers no offer is made:

  • If none of these buyers purchase other homes, this is an indication that the market is weak for this particular type and location of property.
  • If some of these buyers purchase other homes, this is an indication that buyers are finding a better relative value elsewhere.

If property is fully promoted (only agent controlled factor) and no sale occurs than the only factors that can be addressed are seller controlled factors in order to increase the property's relative value (price for all aspects of what's being offered).

  1. Condition
  2. Terms of Offering
  3. Availability
  4. Upgrades and Extras
  5. Price

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