Cherokee County Middle Schools

The following Cherokee County Middle Schools received these awards for high performance:

City School Grades 2013 Award Homes for Sale
Woodstock E.T. Booth MS 6-8 Gold Homes
Canton Rusk MS 7-8 Gold Homes
Canton Freedom MS 6-8 Gold Homes
Canton Hickory Flat ES PK-6 Gold Homes
Woodstock Mountain Road ES PK-6 Gold Homes
Canton J. Knox ES PK-6 Gold Homes
Woodstock Woodstock MS 6-8 Silver Homes
Canton Creekland MS 6-8 Silver Homes
Woodstock Mill Creek MS 6-8 Silver Homes
Canton Clayton ES PK-6 Bronze Homes
Waleska R.M. Moore ES PK-6 Bronze Homes
Canton Indian Knoll ES PK-6 Bronze Homes

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The Atlanta Top Schools listed in each district are based exclusively on how well students perform on standardized tests as compared to other students in the state.

Platinum, Gold and Silver schools are all "above average" with Platinum schools reflecting average test scores in the top 10% of the state. Bronze schools still show decent performance at the upper end of average, so we have chosen to include them here as well.

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The data contained herein is a summary of factual information only and does not indicate a preference for any particular school. How you choose to use this information is entirely up to you. There are other tests and indicators of school performance which you may choose to use in making decisions regarding your children's education.

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