The AtlantaPros Team Buyers

What can you expect working with The AtlantaPros Team?

If you're a buyer, you can expect to be carefully informed about the market.  You'll be provided emailed lists of homes that closely meet your preferred criteria, so you can quickly become familiar and even "cyber-experience" the market before spending time walking through homes.  When the time comes to go inside the homes on your carefully selected "favorites" list, you'll be driven on a completely preplanned route, fully mapped out in advance of the trip on an in-vehicle GPS navigation system.  This system allows you to visit the same amount of homes in about half the time of what other agents can show you.

Not only will this well planned tour of homes be time efficient but it will also come with all the tools necessary to write an offer on that special property - even while you're still sitting in front of it!  With a completely portable office, including the entire multiple listing service right there in the vehicle with you, you will be able to view ALL the recent homes sales in the area over the last few years.  This comparable information will include full descriptions and details, plus inside photos, how much they sold for, how much the seller paid of the buyer's closing costs and more - again, ALL while you're still sitting in the subdivision.

Isn't that better than leaving the community, spending a half hour or more driving through traffic just to go back to an agent's sterile office, waiting until one of the agent's office computers comes available, and then finally getting to see that same information we would have been able to show you immediately?

The efficiency of this technology-supported, well executed system of helping buyers to become fully market wise prior to ever getting in the car, then having the tools of a completely portable office while touring homes, has allowed a very high percentage of AtlantaPros' buyers to find their new homes very quickly (often even a client's very first day in the car).

Though selecting a home on the first day of showings is not a requirement or even expected of our buyers - the fact is, time can be dramatically saved and the stress of finding a new home greatly reduced by my AtlantaPros' thorough preparation, the integral use of technology, and professional guidance and experience.

Because the best home for you is the same whether you see it on your first day or the third day, wouldn't you want your agent to get you there sooner - BEFORE another buyer puts a contract on it?

Technology ONLY benefits you if your agent actually knows how to use it!

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