10 Things a Lender Needs From You

  1. W-2 forms or business tax returns for the last 2-3 years.
  2. Your most recent pay stub.
  3. Your last 3-4 months of bank and/or credit union statements for all checking and savings accounts.
  4. Your last 2-3 years of personal tax returns.
  5. Brokerage account statements for 3-4 months, and list of all major assets of value, e.g., car, boat, RV, and stocks or bonds not held in a brokerage account.
  6. Most recent 401(k) or other retirement account statement.
  7. Verify any additional income like child support or pension.
  8. Account numbers for your credit cards and their current balances.
  9. Lender, loan number, and amount owed on other installment loans like car loans, student loans, etc..
  10. Your housing history with addresses for the last 5-7 years including any landlord names and their contact information..

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