Multiple Listing Service Member

  • Listed Properties
  • I can show you any property listed by any company!
  • There is a cooperative effort between the listing agents and the buyers agents to help bring sellers and buyers together
  • For Sale By Owner
  • If you see an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, just give me the information and Ill set up a showing for you.
  • New Homes
  • New Home subdivision agents represent the interest of the builder, NOT the buyer. As your agent I have your best interest in mind. Since the majority of new homes are sold through a cooperative agent there is no increase in cost to you. Youll get representation but wont pay more for it!
  • If you happen to see a new neighborhood and I am not available to show it to you at that time, you need to protect your interests by informing the agent on duty that a Realtor represents you and give them my name.
  • Never Sign ANY CONTRACT or DOCUMENT without your Buyer's Agent next to you. If your Buyer's Agent's name is not on a contract or even some seemingly innocent documents, you may unknowingly give up your rights to have a Buyer's Agent represent you.

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