Selecting Service Providers


In Georgia if there is a lender involved the closing attorney actually works for the lender. You can make requests for closing a specific closing attorney in your contract, but not all closing attorneys are part of every lender's approved list and you may be obligated to select an attorney from an approved list in order to close a transaction with that specific lender. Even thought the closing attorney works for the lender, he is obligated by law to complete your real estate transaction based on the conditions laid out specifically within the contract with no bias toward the buyer or seller. You are of course welcome to hire your own attorney though to accompany you if you wish.

If a cash transaction is being completed, then you will need to find an "independent third party" (generally a real estate closing attorney in Georgia) to assist you and the seller. Without having a third party involved, how do you know that when you fork over the money, you are going to get the deed? This is the type of service provided by a Georgia closing attorney.

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Selecting Service Providers

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