Alpharetta Beach Volleyball Courts

Telephone Poles Installed

These premium volleyball courts took four months to plan and 2 months to build. Prior to construction, 11 trees were fully removed and 8 full grown bushes transplanted. The power lines had to be relocated which required two new telephone poles to be installed. The gas, telephone and cable lines all had to be moved as well.

Sand Court Excavation

Why Beach Volleyball Courts?

I'm Jim Koza, owner of The AtlantaPros Real EstateTeam (this website), and I've been playing competitive indoor sixes and outdoor grass doubles volleyball for over 35 years. That's a lot of years of jumping and landing onto hard surfaces (wood, sport court, grass, etc.). One particular disk in my back had begun to wear from all the "landing", and I was told by the doctor I needed to give up volleyball. I strongly believe, the fastest way to get old is give up your favorite sport. That's why I decided to build sand volleyball courts at my house so I could play lower impact volleyball and hopefully get another decade or two of this great game in. After three years on the sand, no sign of trouble. Fingers are crossed this continues.

Sand Court Drainage System

Construction Quality

Not one to do any task half-hearted, Jim used 300 tons of the highest quality FIVB and USAV compliant natural white sand trucked all the way from a middle Georgia. The drainage system was meticulously planned and these courts are ready to play on almost immediately after a deluge rainfall. These are easily two of the highest quality courts found in the Metro Atlanta area.

While these courts were intended for personal enjoyment with friends, due to the lack of high quality sand volleyball courts around Atlanta, Jim shares the courts with other volleyball enthusiasts too. This includes adults and our newest generation of volleyball enthusiasts.

Atlanta Sand Volleyball Courts

The Courts

  • Premium FIVB and USAV Compliant White Sand
    Natural clean, white sub-angular (rounded) sand offers a true beach-like experience.
  • Professional Outdoor Nets
    Same quality nets used on AVP, NVL tours.
  • Sliding Net-Height Adjustment System
    Adjust net height between men's and women's/junior's in about 60 seconds.
  • Court Barrier Netting
    20' high stray ball barrier net virtually eliminates shagging time.

AtlantaPros Sand Volleyball Courts


Conveniently located just 2 miles off GA400 near downtown Alpharetta, across from Wills Park, just 15 minutes from I-285.

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