What is HomeScanner

We prefer to refer to Homescanner as "Just Listed Homes" - that seems to make more sense to us. HomeScanner though is the name given by the vendor providing the software, and it allows you to save your search criteria, favorite listings in your own personal account, and have new listings meeting your criteria emailed to you automatically as soon as those new homes are posted on the MLS service. To use Homescanner your account needs to be set up with a valid email address. We of course need a valid email address for the system to automatically send listings to. Homescanner can be turned off or account deleted any time you wish. Use this great feature with confidence as your information will never be shared with anyone.

You are not required to use the Homescanner feature and can search for homes anytime you wish without an account, but your search criteria is deleted upon exiting my search, which means you must manually re-enter your criteria each time you return to my Atlanta home search to resume looking through properties.

Because HomeScanner sends you listings as soon as they hit the MLS service, you'll be able to see the HOT new listings before they are gone! We've had thousands of visitors use my automation system.

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