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Jim Larsin Koza - Atlanta Real EstateJim Koza - Realtor & Owner of The AtlantaPros Real Estate Team.

I have worked in the Atlanta residential real estate market since 1996. In my early years, I worked directly with both buyers and sellers, and over time developed a small team of North Atlanta specialists who cared for our AtlantaPros Team clients. After over a decade of management, I'd reached the point that I wanted to work directly with clients again. I'd missed the personal aspect of the business, and managing several agents was no longer giving me the joy it once did. I was right to make that move! While I still have a couple agents that help me with some clients, I'm once again back to meeting new folks and building new friendships, and the fulfillment of helping others is much more grand on this more personal level.

As you browse the over 1500 pages of this site, you'll see the results of years of intense research and market knowledge, and hopefully get an idea of how well prepared I am to help you with your real estate needs across North Atlanta.

I am NOT a salesman... nor would I ever care to be. You've already decided to buy or sell a home, so I'm here simply to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Buyers: Do not expect me to tell you how gorgeous that granite is - you can see that for yourself. Instead, you'll find me pointing out the defects that you might otherwise overlook, like foundation and mold issues, defective building products, older systems that will soon need costly replacement, poor schools, commute difficulties, etc. If you know the pros AS WELL AS THE CONS of a home and still want to buy it, then it's the right home for you. It really is that simple.

Sellers: I will tell you the "truth" about your home's condition, what you need to do to make it more appealing, and what the most marketable price range is for your home. Many agents give sellers a delightfully high price to raise the seller's expectations so they will list with that agent. In the end, the agent benefits by generating new buyers to work with through the advertising of the home, then later will nudge the seller to start dropping the price so it will actually sell. Of course sellers are inclined to buy into this because the hope of a higher selling price is quite the temptress, right? Data research indicates an overpriced home sits on the market substantially longer, and in the end will more likely sell for LESS than its true value, because the listing is no longer fresh on the market, thus making it suspicious to buyers and their agents. Trying to be fairly pricing at the start is what gets you the best selling price, AND saves you the stress of months of people walking through your home, as well as the disappointment that comes with the realization you're not going to get that promised huge payoff.

Many agents have never held a hammer in their lives. I was a specialized carpenter for eight years, and have personally torn apart and rebuilt three Buckhead condos, fully gutted and rebuilt an 1885 Alpharetta landmark home, designed an oversized garage with loft for an apartment, and designed and built two professional beach volleyball courts with lights and adjacent commercial bathroom and shower building.

I basically mimic my client's personalities. If you're a bit more on the serious side, that's the side of me you will get in return. If you're more outgoing though, and appreciate lighthearted banter, I can promise plenty of great laughs. Work is serious and you'll be well taken care of, but we can also have a fun time working together. Many great friends I have today started out as clients. Oh, and the photo above is likely the only time you'll see me in a tie.

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Before Real Estate
Before my 22+ years in real estate, I spent 13 years as a quick witted radio personality. I was on-the-air in eight cities around the country, including Denver, Charlotte, Flint, Spokane, Greenville SC, and my last four wonderful years with Atlanta's Star 94.

I absolutely love what I do today, but wow... radio offered me tremendous friendships and incredible memories.

My Personal Passion is VOLLEYBALL!
I've played volleyball multiple times a week for over 37 years. In 2014 I built two beach volleyball courts to enjoy with my friends. These professional beach volleyball courts became so popular, the city of Alpharetta approved my rezoning request, and they are now operated commercially as Alpharetta Beach. I host juniors training, adult leagues, tournaments, parties, pickup and more.

I am truly blessed I be able to share this terrific sport with the community.

Alpharetta Beach!
Alpharetta Beach Volleyball Courts

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