Showing Your Home

If an agent calls to show:

  1. Try to let them see it at their convenience.   They are probably working with their buyers schedule and might only get one chance to show your home
  2. An agent should give you notice, but if they come without notice, if you can, let them see the home
  3. Do not discuss any matters with another agent.   Refer them to me.   You do not want to give any information that shows your negotiating position.
  4. Let the agent show your home.   They know the needs of their buyer and how to present the home to best suit those needs.

Its best if you stay out of the way (in one room) or leave the house to allow the buyer to discuss the home freely with their agent.   Many concerns can be taken care of immediately if the agent is given the opportunity to do so while his client is in your home.

If a buyer knocks to view the home:

  1. Ask them to call us and we'll pre-qualify them to verify they are a qualified buyer and then show them the house for you.

Please try to avoid speaking directly with potential purchasers. There are many caveats to such conversations and we are here to protect your interests.


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