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We're always upfront and informative with our clients - whether they be our buyers or our sellers.  For you to be able to make the absolute best decision in your unique situation, you need to know all the good AND ALL THE BAD.  And we're not afraid to tell you!  How are we helping our sellers if we don't let them know the carpet is simply too soiled or worn to make a good impression to potential buyers and, though it may be a hassle, NEEDS to be replaced BEFORE putting the home on the market?  The truth is, if that seller wants to get the absolute most money for their home and sell it in a reasonable time, he needs to take care of things.  And his agent should be strong enough to let him know up front.

We won't give you unrealistic list price suggestions, and tell you everything is perfectly fine simply to get your listing (while KNOWING later you'll have to drop the price dramatically to ever get it sold). Those first days on the market are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to getting the highest sales price for your home.  Why?  Because the day you put your house on the market is the day your home jumps into the pool of many, many buyers that are ALREADY actively looking for homes in your area, in your price range and in good condition.  You will miss that big opportunity if you're overpriced for the market or by showing easily correctable defects that would make your property look uncared for or a problem for a buyer from the day they buy it.  That pool of buyers will pass your property by and 90% of them will NEVER consider it again - Not even if you later fix it up or drop the price.  They're Gone.  What you're left with is only those periodic new buyers that come into the market.  And chances are that the one buyer willing to pay the absolute most for your property was in that first pool of active prospects, so by not being properly priced or in proper condition on day one, you will actually LOSE MONEY and sell it for less than you would otherwise.  

If we accept your listing, your home will receive the greatest exposure available in the Atlanta market - far more than any other real estate agent or team.  How can we say that?  Your home will not only be on both Atlanta MLSs, in the AJC Homefinder, in Atlanta home magazines (which all together would be about as much as the very best agents could offer), but your home will also be featured on Atlanta's #1 most visited real estate website.  With well over 1.5 million hits in 2005 alone and growing, is found consistently on top of all the major search engines.  How do 99% of buyers ever find any agent website?  Internet Search Engines.  Take just a moment and search Google for "Atlanta Real Estate".  We're on top of the "organic results".  Don't look at the sponsored results where any website stays only for a short time (as long as the advertising budget allows), but #1 in the actual Google Results.  That tremendous Internet exposure is something ONLY the AtlantaPros Team can offer.

Call us and we'll expose your home to not only the folks who see a sign, buy a newspaper, or pick up a free magazine...
But to the whole world!

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