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We're always upfront and informative with our clients - whether they be our buyers or our sellers.  For you to be able to make the absolute best decision in your unique situation, you need to know all the good AND ALL THE BAD.  And we're not afraid to tell you!  How are we truly helping our buyer if we don't inform him that a home may have siding issues which would be extremely expensive to correct and, though its very lovely, may be particularly difficult to sell when it's time to move on?

Sometimes our words are not what you want to hear, but if you want your agent to feed you sugar coated, uninformed babble, you'll need to call the other guys.  If you're ready to hear from agents who have experienced the ups and downs of the market, sat through scores of home inspections, and negotiated more contracts than bar tabs, call the AtlantaPros.

Honestly, after you know all the good AND BAD about a property, if you still want it - then it's the right home for you.  The goal of the AtlantaPros is to find the best homes for our buyers in the shortest time.  See the Cream of the Crop on your first day out - not over a several week period.  With today's technology and the ability to share information so readily over the world wide web, a Realtor who really knows how to use that technology can make your search much more fruitful and enjoyable, while also making it less stressful.  That's exactly what the AtlantaPros will do for you.

Our extra efforts mean we specialize in folks relocating from out of state.  Buyers who are taking new employment here have no time to waste.  We can work with you in advance of your trip to find a home, going through lists of homes, refining your top picks and updating you on the newest listings.  Then, when you come to town you can quickly pick the best of the best and fly back home to start packing.  That's what we do... over and over and over.

We hope you'll give us a chance to help you too.

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