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Our Motto is "Convenience through Technology.", which means by being technologically savvy we are able to provide a superior level of service to our clients. While our industry runs full steam into the information age, it's important to note:

Technology ONLY benefits you if your agent actually knows how to use it!

  1. With The AtlantaPros Team, the first thing you will notice is how easily accessibile our agents are. Get your calls and questions answered right away.  Rarely will you ever reach voice mail!  When clients have questions, we are there to answer them immediately... not in a couple of hours or the next day like run of the mill agents.
  2. We will aggressively search for your new home, meaning digging deep into the current inventory as well as making sure you also know about the absolute newest listings on the market too - within hours or even just minutes of them hitting the listing service. Why are the newest listings so important? The newest listing often are the very finest properties in any price range, because like you others are also looking for homes in your price range in the same popular areas you're interested in. Property that are in extremely wonderful condition and have are most aggressively priced will go within days of hitting the market and often will have offers within even just 24 hours!

    Wh the very best homes in any price range are usually be found among the most recently listed?

    • The home is has exceptional condition, style or other features compared to other properties with your search criteria.
    • The listing agent innaccurately determines the value of the home leading the seller to list at a price that is below its true value.
  3. The homeowner needs to sell fast (perhaps for a job transfer) and intentionally prices the home aggressively below fair market value in order to move it quickly.
  4. When we're searching for homes we aren't concerned why the home may be listed below fair market value, as long as our clients get into those homes FIRST!  When our buyer decides this is the home they want to place on offer on we will delve deeper into seller and listing agent motivations and experience.

    One drawback of finding great homes that have been recently listed is that buyers often find themselves in multiple offer situations for those terrific homes.  For our past clients who have followed our advice, we're proud to say the greatest majority did win the bidding on those great properties.

  5. Using our GPS navigation system and computer mapping program, clients get into the most homes in the least time. Jim is there to find you the best home, not give you long unproductive tours around Atlanta. Ten homes may take one agent 4-5 hours to show. With Jim, those same ten homes can take nearly half the time to visit.
  6. When you do find a home that interests you, you'll want to know about the neighborhood immediately, not later at the agent's office, long after you've left the community and forgotten many of its features.  Jim has the ENTIRE listing service on his laptop at all times - including over one million home photos (inside and out).
    Do you want to know what the house across the street sold for? What about the one down the block? How about ALL the homes in the entire subdivision, as well as see all the inside photos attached to all of those homes...oh and all while you're still sitting comfortably in the subdivision.  ALL the comparable information is with you at all times.  All the sold homes and their sale prices along with how much they negotiated off the price, how much closing costs the seller may have paid for the buyer, what upgrades the home had, etc.  Also, what about any other listings in the subdivision?  Perhaps you want to see those too while you're already there and interested.  You can do that as well.  All the other active listings in the neighborhood and their prices, contact information for the sellers...everything needed to get you inside other homes too, often with little or no notice.

For most people, buying a home is one of the largest and most important purchases of their lives. In a time of such great technology...this is no time to be short on information and miss an opportunity to find the home of your dreams.

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