10 Things to Take the Trauma Out of Homebuying

  1. Get the best real estate agent for you and your personality. Experienced and someone you feel confident in.
  2. You cannot determine when is the right time to buy as only history can be seen 20/20. Buy or sell when the situation is right for you.
  3. Trust your agent and don't let unprofessional opinions affect your decision.. It's natural to want reassurance when purchasing a home, but many outsider opinions are uninformed and will cause you nothing more than anxiety.
  4. You must know that no house is completely perfect. When you know all the good and weigh it against all the bad, if you still want the home it's the right home for you.
  5. Avoid the urge to over-negotiate, as often the home you love is also a home loved by other active buyers too.
  6. Always look at the big picture when looking for your home. A room being too small, or kitchen cabinets not being your favorite style can overtake the fact that the home may otherwise offer a perfect fit for your life and lifestyle
  7. Get your financing in order before you look for a home. The greatest stress of searching for a home is wondering if you will be able to buy the one your love. Get pre-qualified before you hunt, then you can enjoy the search with complete confidence that you can buy it if you love it.
  8. Make sure to have a cushion fund for mainenance issues and emergencies. Don't press yourself so hard financially that you can't enjoy the home you move into for fear of the slightest issue.
  9. If you're a first time home-buyer, understand that being a home ownder is a learning process. Most people live in their first home only 3-5 years, then when they know more what's important to them when they buy their second home.
  10. Be safe. Don't buy a home where you won't be able to enjoy it inside and out.

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