The Home Buying Process 

Locating HomeThe Loan Process
  • Available property selections sent online for viewing
  • Show the top properties buyer interested in
  • Select favorite subject property
  • Investigate comparable properties to subject
  • Discuss offer terms and submit offer (Earnest $ Collected)
  • Negotiate offer 
  • Terms agreed - Contract is Binding (Earnest $ deposited) 
  • Inspection scheduled and completed
  • Request for repairs submitted and negotiated)
  • Terms of contract performed 
  • Final walkthrough - Completed repair inspection, etc.
  • Updated termite letter completed
  • Utilities scheduled for transfer, etc.
  • Closing funds & insurance certificate brought to closing
  • Sale closed at real estate attorneys office
  • Title insurance offered at closing at cost (recommended)
  • Money, deed, keys, etc. exchanged
  • Contact mortgage loan company 
  • Initial Interview (by phone or in person)
  • Credit report obtained
  • Loan options offered/pre-qualification letter given
  • Documentation requested
  • Title search ordered through attorney
  • Approval process begins
  • Verifications requested
  • Home appraisal ordered
  • Propery appraised or did not appraise
  • Final verification of funds/employment, etc
  • Loan package completed
  • Submitted to underwriting
  • Underwriter may request additional info
  • Underwriting completed/Loan approved
  • Closing documents assembled
  • Loan papers & documents signed 

Congratulations, its Moving Time!

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