Atlanta Top Schools

Atlanta Top Schools

Atlanta Top Schools

We’re proud to once again offer our Annual Atlanta Top Schools Awards.  One of the the most important things parents need to consider when searching for Atlanta homes is the quality of education their children will receive in the school district where their new homes are located.

We’ve been bringing our Atlanta Top School Awards to our website visitors since 2008, with updated lists coming out every year. Quite honestly, it has been extremely difficult to gather quality information. Most of the school ranking resources use criteria that is in no way related to actual scholastic excellence. Of course we did provide the best information that we could find, but for the first time this year we have found a resource that provides us with simply the test scores alone.

There are many schools that remained on our current list from previous years, but we did find a few that dropped off and a few that have made their first appearance.  There are other resources for school information you can consider, but for us, we feel these are truly Atlanta’s Top/Best Schools.

2014 Atlanta Top Schools Awards

Once again, awards are based solely on how well students performed on the most recent standardized tests (2013) compared to other students in the state.

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