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Preparing Your House to Sell Want to Start Off With A High Sales Price? Beware! Types of Listing Contracts Details of a Listing Contract Listing Commissions & Related Issues The Listing Agent & Marketing Your Home The Listing Agent - Marketing Your House to Other Agents The Listing Agent - Marketing Your House to Home Buyers Showing Your House to Home Buyers Selling Your Home Benefits of purchasing a Home Important Thing To Avoid Before Buying a Home Don't Buy a Car - or Did You Already Buy One? The Business Cycle & Buying a Home Comparable Sales & Your Offer Price Major Factors Influencing Your Offer Price Offering to Purchase Real Estate - The Basics Writing an Offer - Safeguards Regarding the Property How Financing Details Affect Your Offer How FHA & VA Financing Affects Your Offer Selecting Service Providers Buying a Home   Investing in Real Estate Your Mortgage Owning Your Home

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