If I can pull all these listings myself, why do I need a "Buyer's Agent?"

Georgia law offers buyers full access to have their own agent representation in any transaction.  A Buyer's Agent fully represents your interests and DOES NOT work for the seller or their the listing agent.  Selecting the best house is often an emotional decision for purchasers and your buyer's agent will help you make a well informed decision based also on the investment aspect of the purchase.  The AtlantaPros Team prides itself in spending as much or more time on negatives of the house as the positives. By letting you know all the negatives as well as the positives, you, now as a fully informed buyer, can make the right decision for you and your family. If knowing all the good and bad of a home, if you still want it, it's the right home for you.

Will the home offer you good opportunity for appreciation?  Are there conditions of the home that negatively affect its ability to resell in the future?  Is that crack in the drywall caused by a foundation issue? We'll take you into the basement and try to find out. You get to tap into your AtlantaPros buyer's agent's knowledge and experience for hundreds of important home and neighborhood issues, as well as extensive contract knowledge when negotiating to purchase.

A real estate purchase is a complex transaction involving complicated contracts and substantial purchaser's rights, but along with those rights come legal obligations, potential pitfalls, construction issues, market values, financing contingencies, inspections, etc.  Both buyer and seller have many responsibilities and options they need to understand and consider in order to carry out their duties to close a purchasing contract.  A professional Realtor helps guide and advise their clients the entire time to help create a smooth transaction.  Having your own agent representing your interests can provide a dramatically less stressful experience.

Important to note is that the majority of time your buyer's agent will be completely free to you.  The commissions paid by the seller to the listing agent are generally split with the buyer's agent in a transaction which is how they are compensated for their efforts.  Simply put if during the weeks or even months it takes to find and purchase a property worth perhaps hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollars, you can have your own representation by someone who goes through that same process dozens of times a year (compared to 3 or 4 times in a lifetime for most people) AND you can get all that representation for FREE... Why wouldn't you?

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